How It Works

How It Works: The eShopedia School Fundraising Program

The eShopedia School Fundraising program raises money through “affiliate marketing”, where merchants pay a commission to those who refer business to their website. For us, the school (or school PTA) that we partner with is the ones who “refers” business to these merchants via the school’s Storefront page. The referral commissions earned is donated back to the school through eShopedia.

From Getting Started To Getting Paid

  • First, eShopedia will create a customized Storefront like this and provide a unique URL that you can share with school supporters (family, friends, teachers, and co-workers, for example).
  • The storefront will have links to numerous different stores, and each link contains a unique ID that tells the merchant which school you are supporting.
  • Click on the link or logo for the store that you want to shop, and you will be redirected to that store’s website (this is the act of “referring” business to the merchant).
  • When you have completed a purchase, the confirmation is sent to the merchant and the corresponding commissions earned is calculated.
  • After a wait-period to reconcile for returns or canceled orders, the net commissions earned is paid to eShopedia, where we break down the report to identify which school PTAs are responsible for how much of the revenue-share. The money is donated back to the PTA after expenses are deducted (as outlined in each school PTA’s Service Agreement).
  • The amount of rev-share merchants pay depends on the merchant as well as the product or services sold by the merchant; it can range from 2% to over 15%.
  • If you shop on your smartphone or tablet, follow these instructions to turn your eShopedia Storefront into an App on your mobile device.

We greatly appreciate the chance to be at the start of such a fantastic business concept & we wish you much success! – nursery school in Burlingame, CA